Kitsune Nights

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Chapter 5: The Pirate Queen

Illyria stalked the length of the quarterdeck, with the exactitude of a soldier on sentry duty. Eventually, the shape of her boot soles would become embedded into the deck, of that she was certain...

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Chapter 4: The Mercenary

Ara's feet sprang from joist to joist, hastily traversing the length of the colossal mansion. At 151cm's in height, she did not even need to duck under the rafters as she travelled. Below her, ministers and state officials scrambled about their...

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Chapter 3: After the Rain

From the belvedere roof, Kaze watched the girl disappear. Most fools elected to run in a downpour, as though their haste would prevent a thorough soaking. That was nonsense, of course, the quick upturned steps of a sprint merely flung...

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Chapter 2: The Eidolon

When Mother's soft breathing turned into gentle snoring, April went into the kitchen, cleaned the remaining dishes in the sink, and blew out the candles before a final check on mother...

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Chapter 1: Mother's Captive

Though it was but noon, it seemed a day had already passed since April had awakened. Or perhaps it was yesterday she was thinking of. Time became so muddled when days flowed seamlessly into each other. Such was the fate of one forever...

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