I awoke in my bedroom a week later. At first, I thought it all a dream. But I combed my bangs out of my face, tossing them behind my head and happened to feel the peculiarly short length of my mane. A glance in the mirror betrayed the reality of my adventures. They had taken me out of my traveller’s… Read more →

Chapter 22: Ezebel

Anyone who has left home on unpleasant terms, vowing never to return, understands there is relief in escaping familiarity. If that same person is forced, for whatever reason, to return, it is often a disarming experience. I was not the same person I had been when I had left Kennbridge. The person who had refused to face her neighbours after… Read more →

Chapter 21: Kelda and Kenna

Tunic’s face planted into the dirt as Felan removed his dagger. “You’re no brother of mine,” Felan spat. “No elf would side with a human,” Felina agreed. Tunic mumbled something indecipherable so Felan grabbed his head and pulled it out of the dirt. Felan forced my friend to repeat his words. Felan and Felina wretched in horror as Tunic declared… Read more →

Chapter 20: Flight

Tunic groaned as he slipped in and out of consciousness. “We’re almost out of the tunnel,” I assured him in my shaky voice. “Don’t worry, I will rescue you the way you saved me all those times. Just hang in there for a while longer.” That “while longer” would have to be three or four days. Perhaps longer, with my… Read more →

Chapter 19: The Storm

At first, Tunic was not really responsive to my kiss. I suppose I must have surprised him. He wavered indecisively, probably because I had nearly slaughtered him with insults moments ago. But when he kissed me back… I wouldn’t have said I have kissed a lot of guys, just Cade and Ladd and a few others here and there. And,… Read more →

Chapter 18: Kiho’s Summons

“Why haven’t we been riding before?” I asked as we continued our flight. I could feel his chuckle as I held on to him. “She doesn’t like you,” he said, in reference to his horse. “I promised her I would only call if it was an emergency.” “Fickle horse,” I muttered under my breath. So it was still true that… Read more →

Chapter 17: The Twins

We did not see the old man again. Tunic woke me far earlier than we normally arose. We dressed hurriedly and then were gone. It was not yet dawn when we exited the barn. I felt regretful that we had left the old man on such a bitter note, but I supposed it could not be helped. We had to… Read more →

Chapter 16: Downpour

Travelling with Weston and travelling with Tunic were antipodal experiences. Weston had been impossible to awaken in the early morning. He seemed impervious to the world when slumbering. One morning I even had been forced to drizzle cold water down his face to awaken him at a decent hour. Tunic required no such assistance. It would be hard to determine… Read more →

Chapter 15: The Myrtle Girl

I found my way back to our camp without trial, but Tunic was not there. I feared he had left already and I did not have the skills to find him in the twilight. When I ceased moving to survey the camp, I heard a faint melody. It sounded like Tunic’s flute, or so I figured. I ventured around until… Read more →

Chapter 14: Answers

Of all the events that had culminated in the past month, or rather, throughout my whole life, there is none I would describe as more overwhelming than the day after I was attacked by a dire wolf. That day superseded the terror of Cade’s spiteful accusation the day I fled Kennbridge. It outweighed the surprise that I was considered valiant… Read more →