Chapter 3: A Jealous Horse

I dreaded going to the shop the next morning. I fumbled around in my nightgown until my mother snapped at me that I would be late. She would never understand that I was miserable. What made the whole situation worse was that I could not ignore the argument Ladd and I had. We worked together. I doubt he’d forget it.… Read more →

Chapter 2: Cade

Addie did not stay much longer. Ladd was detained by my father, who had returned with a cartload of merchandise. I was not sufficient entertainment alone, now that she had told me her dreadful news. So, on she went to the next locale to spread Cade’s report. Though she disliked unpleasantness, the report was news and Addie loved to be… Read more →

Chapter 1: The Monster

“The problem with this world is that everyone remains so blissfully ignorant of how much suffering there actually is,” I informed Ladd, though he had not inquired. Our conversation had fallen silent for several moments and I determined to remedy it by introducing my friend to one of my theories. Ladd never thought deeply about things; if it were not… Read more →

Introduction – Note from the Author

The Monster of Keegan Heights was written for a friend of mine as a Christmas gift. And while I had intended it to be amusing solely for her, apparently some others have also enjoyed it. As such, I’ve made it available here and on Kobo (because reading on an e-reader is a surprisingly enjoyable experience). So whether you prefer it… Read more →